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Insulating Refractory Brick

Insulating Refractory Brick

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Ruitai insulating firebricks from high-purity refractory clays, with graduated additions of alumina for the higher temperature products, and a carefully graded organic filler, which burns out during manufacture to give a uniform, controlled pore structure.

Classification Temperature from 2300°F (1260°C) up to 3000°F (1650°C) 


Recommended for use as a primary hot face refractory lining or as back-up insulation behind other refractories in furnaces, kilns, flues, refining vessels and heaters, regenerators, gas producers and main, soaking pits, stress relieving furnaces, reactor chambers and similar high temperature industrial equipment.

 Physical properties

a.High hot compressive strength

b.Low heat Storage

c.Low thermal conductivity

d.Light Weight

Raw materials

  Refractory clays

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