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High Grade Magnesia Hercynite Brick

High Grade Magnesia Hercynite Brick

High Grade Magnesia Hercynite Brick for Rotary Kiln

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Ruitai Magnesia Hercynite Bricks are eco-friendly basic refractory to meet higher demands of cement rotary kilns,chrome free.

Ruitai have been attempting to offer your optimum solutions upon customers’ needs below:

a.Alternative fuels

b.Mechanical problem

c.Severe coating conditions

Ruitai devote to develop new Eco-friendly basic refractory bricks with cost effective and a long service life.At the present,launch 3 kinds of bricks upon quality to meet different needs as below:

a.Standard Grade Magnesia Hercynite Brick

b.High Grade Magnesia Hercynite Brick

c.Top Grade Magnesia Hercynite Brick


1.Cement burning zone & Transition zones with increased thermal load


3.Rotary Kiln with alternative fuel fired

Physical properties

a.Low thermal conductivity

b.High refractoriness

c.High flexibility

d.Strong abrasion resistance

e.High chemical attack resistance

f.Outstanding thermal shock resistance

Raw materials

1.High grade sintered magnesia


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